Ch3Thailand - Watch Ch33, Ch28, Ch13 Online, EPG, news update, and more

Ch3Thailand is the digital media hub of Ch33, Ch28, Ch13 on websites on mobile and desktop, mobile application, and social media including Facebook, Line Official Account, Instagram, and Twitter.  We offer the wide range of services from Simulcast LIVE, rerun TV programs, to update news 24×7.    Our audiences are young generation who like entertainment and news.   

Mello - Best watched VDO programs for new generation

Mello is the leading VDO program producers and providers for new generation.  We position in promising best watched VDO programs (รายการดีน่าดู).   The contents are various from series, drama, variety from our owned-creative program under “Mello Original” and Ch3 Drama and series.  Mello offers VDO programs on websites on desktop and mobile and mobile application (Release on March 2018). The Mello fan also follows our update programs, news, and activities on social media at Facebook and Instagram Mello Thailand.


Nekotrip - Ultimate Japan Travelling guide and taste

Nekotrip is insightful travelling guide and reviews on Facebook.  Neko means “Cat” in Japanese Language.  Cat is the symbol of long life or nonstop so NekoTrip represents travelling non-stop in Japan.  Nekotrip offer unique aspects of self-plan journey with reasonable budgets.   We also review and recommend best chic-local Japanese style to fulfill your next Japanese trip.