Our services and solutions that launch to the public under our DNA – Entertainment, Creative and ROI.   We promise the most entertained and creative contents that make sure that our advertisers and partners will gain effective return of investment.

BECi is the main digital operators for Ch3Thailand.  We launched Ch3Thailand on June 2017 and operate simulcast TV, TV program guide, and activities everyday 24×7 across mobile application, social media, and websites.  Ch3Thailand also partners with top global VDO aggregators and providers including Line​​TV and Youtube to reach new audience every digital channel.

Apart from Ch3Thailand, BECI also develops the new business “Mello – VDO program creator and OTT platform” to expand digital business and viewer portfolio to BEC group.  Mello targets young entertainment audiences with TV Ch3 drama, international series, and Mello Original.  Mello main focus is to develop contemporary series, varieties with digital native taste.   The stories are unique and innovative.

Ch3Thailand and Mello are the leading media operators that hold younger audience profile and data.  We also offer digital advertising solution which can be targeted on viewer preference, behaviors, and profiles.

BECI also are open to partners from local and oversea to explore developing digital services on various formats.  Our services are engaged Ch3 program, Ch3 Star, and contents to build new business to our partners and create value to consumers.

We also the distributors for digital license of TV Ch3 Drama and Mello Original.  Partners are local and global SVOD OTT platforms.  The license model are tailored-made to need to partners and users for each platforms. 

BECI always continues initiate new solutions and services for the movement and new demand of digital users.  And we are welcome to all partners to join this journey to build new capture of digital media industry.

BECI – Digital Creative Entertainment that yields your ROI